Urban, Regional & Environmental Planning

Effective urban, regional and environmental planning encompasses many different disciplines and brings them all under a single umbrella. A good definition of planning is that it is the organization of all elements of a town or other urban environment, which can be a complicated process. Environmental Planning expands upon traditional planning concepts by also considering the interaction of the urban environment with the natural system. The potential for conflict between competing land uses is ever-present and requires effective management to satisfy ever more stringent legislative requirements.

At Claron we provide a wide range of consulting services to meet our clients’ needs and achieve the project brief. Our urban and regional planning services include:

  • Statements of Environmental Effect (SEE)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for Designated & State Significant Development (SSD)
  • Environmental and Statutory Compliance
  • Waste Classification and contaminated site assessment.
  • Preparation of Development Applications
  • Negotiate and liaise with statutory authorities through the Development Approval process
  • Community consultation
  • Planning Proposals
  • Change of use applications
  • Land sub-divisions
  • European, Indigenous and built-form heritage assessment
  • ‘Opportunities and Constraints’ site analysis and urban design
  • Traffic and transport studies
  • Active transport master-planning.
  • Site contamination assessment and land remediation – Preliminary Site Investigations, Detailed Site Investigations, preparation of Remedial Action Plans (RAP), remediation works and validation reporting
  • Environmental Compliance Assessments – Air, Noise, waste, water, legislation
  • Environmental Compliance Audits – Voluntary & Mandator
  • Ecological and Biobanking site assessment
  • Flora and fauna surveys, biobanking assessments (BDAR), vegetation management and Arboricultural studies
  • Integrated landscape
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Flood and hydrology studies
  • Planning for bushfire

Our Principal Consultant has a deep pedigree of experience – ‘hands on’ – in assisting our clients and other stakeholders in developing and implementing workable solutions to complex planning and environmental problems.